Essentials and Enterprise Essentials orders

With Essentials, customers get many of the features of other editions of Google Workspace but without the cost of services they might not need, such as Gmail.
Choose from two editions:
  • Essentials Small teams at a company or school can collaborate with video meetings, chat messages, shared files, and online docs. Learn about Essentials
  • Enterprise Essentials: Collaboration and video conferencing with enterprise-grade security and management, and integrations with existing email and calendar solutions. Learn about Enterprise Essentials

Your new customers can use either edition by verifying their email address or domain. Email verification is simpler, but the customer doesn't have access to all the features.

About team customers (email-verifed)

With an Essentials team account, a user at the organization verifies their email address rather than their domain. Then the user can invite other users in the domain to join their team. An organization can have multiple team accounts.

  • Available only to new customers
  • Includes a select set of Essentials services and features. Compare feature.
  • Teams cannot purchase other Google Workspace services, such as Drive storage.
  • Multiple teams at the organization can purchase Essentials subscriptions.

Multiple team customers

When you order Essentials for multiple customers at the same organization name and domain, the console shows each customer's unique Cloud Identity ID.

Shows customer names and Cloud Identity IDs     

Unlocking Essentials features for multiple team customers

A customer can verify their domain to unlock additional Essentials features. Some differences from Essentials orders placed directly with Google:

  • When a customer verifies their domain, they assume administrative control only for their Essentials account and users. There's no change to other Essentials team accounts that use the same domain name. Each Essentials team verifies their domain to unlock additional features.
  • The customer's Contact information continues to show Team customer and their unique Cloud Identity ID.
  • The customer cannot purchase other Google Workspace services, such as Drive storage or Google Voice.
  • You can order Essentials or Enterprise Essentials for other customers at the domain.

Order Essentials or Enterprise Essentials

  1. Sign in to the Partner Sales Console.
  2. Below Subscriptions, click New Service.
  3. Click Essentials or Enterprise Essentials, then Select.
  4. Set licenses or users:
    • For Essentials, enter the maximum number of licenses.
    • For Enterprise Essentials, enter the number of committed user licenses.
  5. Review your order. To make changes, click Select eligible SKU or Purchase options at the top.
  6. Click Confirm order to place your order.

Set up Essentials

Note: When the customer accepts the Terms of Service, the Subscription status changes from Suspended to Active.

Team (email-verified) customers

  1. Receive an automated email invitation with details about setting up their account.
  2. Sign in to the Google Admin console, verify their email, create account, and accept the Terms of Service.
  3. Start their Essentials free trial

Domain-verified customers

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console and accept the Terms of Service.
  2. Set up Essentials for their domain.


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