Billing for transferred customers

Any transferred account for a Google service such as G Suite or Cloud Identity Premium is treated as a new subscription, and you (the reseller) are billed for those user licenses.

Note: If a customer has multiple service and wants to transfer to your reseller management, you must be able to resell all those services. For example, a customer can’t transfer just their G Suite account or just their Drive storage licenses; they must transfer both G Suite and Drive storage licenses.

Annual Plan closeout charges

If your customer was on the Annual Plan (Yearly Payments)

  • When transferred, they do not receive a refund for the prepaid period of service.
  • We recommend that you transfer customers who are already on the Annual Plan (Yearly Payments) at the end of their service year, during renewal.

If your customer was on the Annual Plan (Monthly Payments)

  • The customer is not billed for the closeout charge. 
  • The customer is charged directly until the date of transfer. The final charge is calculated on a pro rata basis.

Billing plan eligibility

Certain billing plan options only display if the customer is eligible.

If your customer was on the Flexible Plan

  • You can either start them on a new Flexible Plan or a new Annual Plan (either version).
  • The Annual plan option is not available for add-on products, such as Drive storage and Vault.

If your customer was on the Annual Plan (Yearly Payments or Monthly Payments)

  • They can start on a new Annual Plan (either version).
  • The Flexible Plan is not available unless your customer is within 30 days of their renewal date.

See the table below for available options.

Customer billing plan after transfer Customer billing plan before transfer
Annual Plan (Yearly Payments) Annual Plan (Monthly Payments) Flexible Plan
Annual Plan (Yearly Payments)
Annual Plan (Monthly Payments)
Flexible Plan

User license restrictions

During a transfer, your customer’s new subscription must be equal to or greater than the number of licenses in their previous commitment. For example, if their current commitment is for 200 user licenses, you can’t reduce their commitment to 150 user licenses during the transfer.

Note: The only exception is if they’re on either version of the Annual Plan and are within 30 days of the end of their term. Then, you can enter a new order for a lower number of licenses.

30-day free trial options for transferred customers

If your customer is currently in a 30-day trial, you can either:

If your customer has completed a 30-day trial:

You can only transfer your customer into a new, reseller-managed subscription.

To transfer a customer, see Transfer a customer account to your reseller account.

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