Preview Your Catalog

Once you’ve finished annotating your catalog -- but before you submit it to be published -- you’ll want to review your catalog. To do this, you can use our Preview functionality.

Previewing Your Catalog

  1. Confirm that you have listed your intended preview accounts under Preview Accounts in Account Settings. These accounts should be Google Accounts (either Gmail Accounts or ones registered here).
  2. Click Action > Preview > OK beside the catalog you wish to preview. This will push the latest changes of your catalog to the Preview functionality. Please note, changes can take up to 1 hour to reflect.
  3. Sign in to your Catalog Center account using one of the email accounts you specified in the first step. If you were already signed in, you will need to sign out and back in to refresh the information.
  4. Locate the catalog you with to preview.
  5. Select Action > Preview.

Next Step: Submit Your Catalog