Enter input parameters

Enter information about your viewer's input parameters into the viewer profile generator on your desktop.

Primary button types

Describe the Primary button type on your device:

Primary button types include:
  • NONE - Your device has no inputs and the smartphone screen is not accessible. Similarly, choose NONE if your device has a separate Bluetooth controller and no other built-in inputs.
  • TOUCH - No inputs, but the user can touch the smartphone screen with the finger without taking the phone out of the viewer.
  • INDIRECT_TOUCH - A mechanical input which is ultimately registered as a screen touch, but the user's finger is not touching the screen directly.
  • MAGNET - A Google Cardboard-like magnetic input. We no longer recommend magnet based inputs as they tend to work less reliably than e.g. conductive or capacitive inputs due to magnetometer variance within smartphones. Moving forward, we will not be certifying or featuring viewers with magnet inputs and support within future versions of Cardboard apps will be limited.
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