Publicizing your viewer

Referring to Google Cardboard

It’s important that any references to Google Cardboard in your marketing materials and any statements quoted from Google materials be properly attributed to Google.

You are allowed to use the following approved text on your website or printed materials to refer to Google Cardboard:

  • This [XYZ VR headset] was inspired by Google Cardboard.
  • Inspired by Google Cardboard

If you use any of the above approved text to refer to Google or Google Cardboard, you must include an attribution statement on your website that states “Google Cardboard is a trademark of Google Inc.”

Other communications, media, and press

In order to avoid conflicts with Google’s own messaging, take care in how you reference Google in public statements or similar communications.

Do not overstate your relationship with Google:

  • Do not state or imply that you are an exclusive partner with Google.
  • Do not suggest or imply that you have an exclusive or privileged arrangement with Google that differs from any other manufacturer.

Do not speak on behalf of Google, its representatives, or products. You’re welcome to conduct your own interviews and provide statements about your organization’s specific product. However, please do not speak on behalf of Google or speculate about any Google initiatives. We’re happy to take press questions about Google as a company, Google’s strategy, or the ins and outs of a Google product. Simply direct inquiries to

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