Using a Works with Google Cardboard badge

The WWGC program lets users know that a viewer is compatible with all Google Cardboard apps. Google reviews all viewer applications for compatibility; once a manufacturer's viewer is verified, manufacturers receive a badge they can use on their viewer. Learn more about how to apply to the WWGC program. 


Use the following guidelines to place the Works With Google Cardboard badge on your viewer, and modify the badge to better reflect your viewer’s design.

Primary badge color

Orange is the primary WWGC badge color. If you’ve been certified into the program, we recommend using this color on your viewer whenever possible.

Secondary badge color

If you cannot use the primary badge because of an existing color scheme, use the secondary badge (gray). If the surrounding background requires a higher contrast, you can also use a reversed-out version of the gray badge. No other color variations are permitted.


You can also make the reversed-out badge transparent to match your viewer’s color scheme.

Minimum size

The badge width should never be smaller than 64 px when used in digital media, and 0.5” when printed.

Clear space

Minimum clear space around the WWGC badge is equal to one sixth of the badge’s width. Do not place photos, text or any other graphic elements inside the minimum clear space.

Non-supported modifications

Avoid modifying the WWGC badge in any way, apart from scaling and using the appropriate color options as described above.

There are a number of badge modifications that are currently not allowed if you plan on using the badge on your viewer:

  • Different color badges than orange or gray
  • More than two colors
  • Reflections or shadows
  • Scaling or skewing the badge disproportionately
  • Adding any visual elements or modifying the existing ones


Do not make the WWGC badge a dominant graphic in a printed or digital layout. In particular, the WWGC badge should occupy less area than your viewer or company signage.

Multiple badges

If your viewer supports multiple platforms, the WWGC badge should be placed first in the lineup of badges, and should be of equal or greater size.

Website use

If you are placing the WWGC badge on your website, make sure that the badge links to

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