Solve other Cardboard issues

If you're having trouble using the Google Cardboard viewer or app, see if the steps below can help.

My phone returns to the home screen

  1. Take your Android phone out of the viewer.
  2. Close the Google Cardboard app Cardboard.
  3. Reopen the Google Cardboard app Cardboard.
  4. Put your phone inside the Cardboard viewer and gently close the top flap. If you push too hard, the flap could press the phone's Home button.

My phone is frozen

  1. Restart your Android phone.
  2. Reopen the Google Cardboard app Cardboard.

The button doesn't work

If you have a button at the top of your viewer:

  1. With your Android phone out of the viewer, close the top flap that holds your phone.
  2. Look into the viewer and find the tab that’s meant to touch the phone screen.
  3. Press and release the viewer button. Check that the tab is:
    • Moving back and forth
    • Not pushed forward so that it’s in constant contact with the phone screen
    • Not stuck in a forward position

If the button still doesn't work, try a new Cardboard viewer.

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