Back up your VR photos

To save your VR Photos in Google Photos automatically, turn on Google Photos back up & sync.

Restore your VR photos

You can restore your VR photos if you get a new device or reinstall Cardboard Camera. VR photos that are removed or deleted can be downloaded to Cardboard Camera.

From Google Photos

  1. Open Google Photos.
  2. To find VR photos, search vr.jpg. This search won’t return VR photos backed up from iOS.
  3. Tap the VR photo you want to restore.
  4. Then, tap More More and then Download. Repeat for all VR photos you want to restore.

Note: In Cardboard Camera, you'll see the VR photos you restored. If you do not see your VR photos, use Android File Transfer to check that the filenames have .vr.jpg at the end.

From other locations

Copy VR photos into your device's DCIM/CardboardCamera folder.

Note: In Cardboard Camera, you'll see the VR photos you restored.

Fix "This is not a VR photo" error message

When you try to view Cardboard Camera photos that were backed up or transferred using a backup or sharing service, you might get the message that reads: "This is not a VR Photo."

This message means the image file might have been modified and the VR photo is no longer viewable. If you have the original photo, copy it to your device's DCIM/CardboardCamera folder to see it in Cardboard Camera.

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