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Share VR photos

You can share VR photos from Cardboard Camera with friends.

Share VR photos using a link

  1. Open Cardboard Camera.
  2. Touch and hold the VR photo you want to share. To select multiple photos, touch and hold the first image, then tap other photos.
  3. Tap Share  .
  4. Then, copy or share through a message, Gmail, or another app. Anyone with this link can view your shared photos.

The VR photos you choose are uploaded to Google Drive in the "Shared VR Photos" folder and a sharing link is created. You can send this link in a text message or email, or paste it in another place.

Stop sharing VR photos

If you want to stop sharing a VR photo, you can turn off the sharing link. If someone you shared with has already downloaded the photo, they can still view their copy.

Stop sharing a VR photo link

  1. Open Cardboard Camera.
  2. Tap the VR photo you would like to stop sharing.
  3. Tap More Remove from shared links.

Stop sharing all VR photos

If you want to stop sharing all VR photos or a photo that you've deleted from Cardboard Camera, you can remove them from Google Drive.

  1. Go to Google Drive and open the "Shared VR Photos" folder.
  2. Find and select the VR photo(s) you want to turn off link sharing for.
  3. Tap Delete . Recipients won't be able to download your VR photo from the original sharing link.
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