Best practices for tracking WebView conversions

When attempting to measure or attribute a conversion for in-app WebView, we recommend taking a look at the best practices found on this page.

How tracking works for WebView conversions

WebView conversion tracking process

  1. User sees an ad
  2. Product server sends impression to CM360

    CM360 records impression using <placement ID, device ID>

  3. User clicks an ad and WebView fires click tracker

    CM360 records click using <placement ID, click ID>

  4. CM360 returns landing page URL with click ID
  5. WebView redirects to landing page URL, converts to WebView, and sends conversion ping to CM360

    CM360 records conversion using <click ID>

Best practiceBest practices

Web to WebView

  • Append the click ID to a deep linking URL (the click ID must be passed to WebView).
  • Remember not to pass the device ID to WebView.

This will then attribute the conversion as a web event.

App to WebView

  • Use the JavaScript interface to pass data back to your app (you can find an example of this here). Your app will then fire the conversion event with the device ID appended.

This will then attribute the conversion as an app event.


  • Enhanced attribution must be enabled. Learn more
  • Use either the Google tag and Google Tag Manager since they are the only tags that allow Campaign Manager 360 to understand the click IDs.

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