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Implement tracking for Snapchat ads

Information on implementing third party tracking can be found in Snapchat's business center.

How impressions and clicks are counted for Snapchat ads

Snap Ads, Lenses, and Filters Impressions

Snap Ads , Lenses, and Filters are full screen ads that record an impression when the creative asset is rendered to the user.

Story Ads Impressions

Story Ads appear in Snapchat's list of Snap Stories. They use the viewable impression standard as their definition of an impression. Generally speaking, these ads will have:

  • Fewer impressions overall (due to viewable impression standard).
  • More expensive impressions.
  • 100% viewable impressions according to Snapchat. However, these impressions won't be reported as viewable in Campaign Manager 360.


Snapchat notifies Google of chargeable click events from the client or the server (depending on the destination). These click events are recorded when the user swipes up from the ad to a landing page. Landing pages include:

  • Web pages: These are clicks sent by the client. Web pages are rendered within Snapchat.
  • Apps: These are clicks sent by Snapchat server to server.
  • Snapchat landing pages: These clicks are sent by Snapchat server to server. The landing pages are controlled by the customer.

Measurement source

The measurement source for Snapchat ads is "provided". Learn more

Other Metrics

Shares (internal)

When Lenses and Filters are shared via direct chat, or posted to stories in snap chat, they are reported as Shares (Internal)

Other Social Interactions 

When Lenses and Filters are saved to Memories or the Camera Roll they are reported as Other Social Interactions

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