Active View Custom Video Metrics

Active View Custom Video Metrics
Active View

In Campaign Manager 360 navigate to Advertiser > Floodlight configuration > Active View custom viewability metric, or in Display & Video 360 navigate to Advertiser > Resources > Floodlight > Basic Details > Active View custom metric to create video viewability metrics available in reporting. Users of both who manage Floodlight in Campaign Manager 360 should enable there.

Set the following criteria to determine if impressions are counted (based on your metric):

  • Visibile% - The percentage of the ad that must be on screen to count an impression.
  • Audible - If required, audio must be at 10% or higher, at any point (or for your set time / quartile threshold), to count an impression.
  • Time threshold - The amount of time an ad must be visible to count an impression.
  • Quartile threshold - The quartile that must be reached to count an impression.

If both time and quartile thresholds are set, an impression will be counted when the first of either criteria is met.

 The following metrics appear in reporting:

  • Active View Custom Metric Viewable Impressions - The number of impressions considered viewable based on your criteria.
  • Active View Custom Metric Measurable Impressions - The number of impressions that were measurable for custom viewability.
  • Active View Custom Metric Viewable Rate - The percentage of custom measurable impressions that were considered custom viewable. 
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