Landing page URL

The URL a user is sent to when they click on an ad. Usually the landing page URL points to a webpage in the advertiser’s website. If the creative served has multiple exits, each exit will be displayed as its own row.

You can configure the landing page URL of a creative in the Trafficking UI. This dimension reflects the landing page that was used at the time the creative was served in an ad. If you override a creative-level landing page at the ad-level, or if you update the landing page while a campaign is already running, your reports will reflect this update.

This dimension is not compatible with impression or conversion data. If you include a conversion-related metric in a report with Landing Page URL, the Landing Page URL column will be empty. If you include both impressions and clicks in a report with Landing Page URL, impressions and clicks will show up on separate rows and only clicks will have a value for the Landing Page URL dimension.

Complete data for this dimension is available from May 3, 2017. You may see some data from before this date.

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