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Batch upload third-party asset URLs

Use the batch upload feature to add multiple third-party creatives (display redirect, in-stream video redirect, and audio redirect creatives) to Campaign Manager 360 and, if desired, generate Campaign Manager 360 ad tags in bulk for these assets. You’ll upload your third-party URLs by importing a spreadsheet with information about your assets. With this feature, you can:

  • Choose to generate ad tags by adding placements, ads, and creatives, or just upload creatives.
  • Generate placements and ads for your creatives during the upload process so you don’t need to do any extra trafficking for these items before you can send ad tags to your publisher.
  • Centralize all of your trafficking, reporting, and measurement for assets served outside of Campaign Manager 360 more easily by adding them in bulk. This allows you to consolidate information for your ads into a single system to give you better insight into the performance of your campaigns.

If you’re serving multiple third-party creatives and want access to Campaign Manager 360’s tracking, reporting, and verification for your creatives, using this bulk upload feature will save you time versus using an impression pixel or click tracker.

You can also batch upload creative assets to Campaign Manager 360.

See below for steps to:

Batch upload third-party asset URLs

See below for basic steps on how to fill out your spreadsheet. Note that you can only upload 250 tags at a time.

  1. View the campaign where you want to upload your assets. Click New > Batch upload. Note: It’s not currently possible to batch upload third-party URL assets from the Creatives tab of your advertiser - you need to do this from your campaign.
  2. Select Third-party URL assets as the type of creative you want to upload. You can also choose to batch upload creative assets.
  3. Fill out a CSV with your assets and add it on the Upload assets screen. Here you can download a template for uploading your assets. There are three options for adding your assets to Campaign Manager 360:
    • Generate ad tags: Include a Campaign Manager 360 site ID in your spreadsheet to automatically create placements and ads for your creatives in Campaign Manager 360, without additional setup. We recommend this method as the quickest way to generate ad tags for your assets.
    • Creatives only: If you’d like to add your third-party creatives to Campaign Manager 360 without creating placements and ads, upload your spreadsheet without including a Campaign Manager 360 site ID. You'll then need to assign these creatives to placements and ads in your account in order to generate tags.
    • Hybrid: You can upload a mix of placements, ads, and creatives and creatives only. Campaign Manager 360 will create placements and ads based on what rows in your spreadsheet contain a Campaign Manager 360 site ID.
  4. When import processing is complete, you’ll see a table of everything Campaign Manager 360 will create based off of your spreadsheet on the Review creatives screen. Here you’ll be able to fix any errors with your assets. See below to learn how to fix common errors you might see here. Once all of your errors are resolved, click Next.
  5. Confirm the changes on the final Confirm screen. If you’ve created placements, you can choose to download tags or send tags to publisher directly from this page. If you’ve uploaded creatives only, you’ll need to assign them in your campaign.

Fill out your spreadsheet

If you fill out your data in a spreadsheet editor, you must save the sheet as a .csv file before importing.

You can choose to add placements, ads, and creatives, just creatives, or a mix of both. Here are the steps for each.

Generate ad tags by adding placements, ads, and creatives

Follow these steps to generate an ad tag from your upload by making placements, ads, and creatives for your third-party URL assets:

  1. In your spreadsheet, add a row for each placement, ad, and creative set you want to add.
  2. Complete all of the required fields:
    • Name
    • Creative type
    • Dimensions
    • Third-party tag URL
    • Campaign Manager 360 site ID
  3. Save your spreadsheet.
  4. Return to Campaign Manager 360 and follow the steps above to finish uploading your spreadsheet.
Creatives only

Follow these steps to add creatives only, which you’ll then need to traffic further in Campaign Manager 360:

  1. In your spreadsheet, add a row for each creative you want to add.
  2. Complete all of the required fields:
    • Name
    • Creative type
    • Dimensions
    • Third-party tag URL
  3. Save your spreadsheet.
  4. Return to Campaign Manager 360 and follow the steps above to finish uploading your spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet format

Assuming you edit the CSV as a spreadsheet, a row in the file represents a new creative. The table below shows the columns in the spreadsheet and the values you should use for them.

Field name Description Input type Required?
Name The name of the creative, maximum 256 characters. If you are filing in site ID to create placements and ads, they will also have this name. Text Yes
Creative type The type of creative, either a display redirect, audio redirect, or in-stream video redirect. Display redirect | Audio redirect | In-stream video redirect Yes
Dimensions The dimensions of the creative, placement, and ad. WidthxHeight (e.g., 350x50) for display redirect creatives | Blank for audio redirect and in-stream video redirect creatives For display redirect creatives
Third-party tag URL The URL where the creative asset is hosted or the VAST URL, maximum 1024 characters. URL Yes
Site ID The site ID in the Campaign Manager 360 account where the placement is located. Number If you want Campaign Manager 360 to create placements and ads for your creative.

Fix spreadsheet errors

There are two kinds of issues that may occur with your spreadsheet:

  • Errors that prevent import: Some errors, such as incorrect file format, may prevent Campaign Manager 360 from processing the file at all. In this case, you’ll be prompted to upload your file again.
  • Errors in individual rows: When a row has an error (such as an invalid site ID), you’ll see the error highlighted in red in the Review creatives step. Here’s how to fix some common errors:
    • Site ID can’t be found: You can search from all of the Campaign Manager 360 sites in your account.
    • Invalid creative type: You can only batch upload display redirects, in-stream video redirects, and audio redirects using the third-party asset upload process.
    • Dimensions missing: Display redirect creatives require dimensions, such as 350x50.
    • Please enter a valid secure (HTTPS) third-party URL: The URL for your third-party tag must begin with a secure https:// protocol.

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