Create credits

When you’re unable to deliver to your reservation commitments, you may issue a credit to correct for over- or incorrect delivery. Planning now enables you to create credits to enable you and the agency to agree on and sign a new insertion order or a change order.

Planning treats a credit like inventory in most ways. You create a credit the same way you create any other inventory, as shown below.

  1. In Planning, go to the Negotiation view and select New > Credit.
  2. Name the credit.
  3. Choose a linked Campaign Manager 360 site or enter a site name manually.
    1. To search for a site name in the search box, use quotation marks around the string
  4. Choose the dates to which the credit should apply.
  5. Enter the number of credit units, and indicate whether they are impressions or clicks.
  6. Optionally, enter a description of the credit. We recommend this for record-keeping.
  7. Click Save.

The credit appears in the negotiation channel where the agency can view and respond to it.

Note: You can also create and edit credits via spreadsheets. Learn more about bulk editing

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