Responding to advertiser emails about problems with their ads

You may receive emails from advertisers who have identified serving issues with ads you’ve published. These emails will arrive from as messages from, and will contain information such as the following:

  • Advertiser name and ID
  • Campaign and placement viewability statistics
  • Identification of tag implementation problems
  • A note from the advertiser specifying a desired result

The purpose of these emails is to enable you to start a dialog with the advertiser to resolve problems to your mutual satisfaction. Doing so may require you to take one of the following actions:

Problem Possible solutions
Low viewability numbers for impressions First, check that the viewability numbers reflect the price in the reservation contract. If the viewability numbers are too low compared to the contract, check the location of the media space where impressions have served. Is the media space below the fold? If so, consider moving it further up the page, or serving a higher proportion of impressions to a media space above the fold.
Proximity of ads to content matching potentially objectionable content as identified by the advertiser Amend the page(s) where the tag in question has served, removing potentially objectionable content and/or keywords relating to the flagged category.Target the advertiser’s impressions to alternate pages.
Poorly formed tags Learn more about fixing these problems
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