Has (Rich Media dimensions)

In Floodlight reports, shows whether the associated dimensions in the row (campaign, creative, etc.) have a recorded Rich Media event or feature of the type selected (TRUE if it does, FALSE if it doesn't):

  • Has Backup Image
  • Has Counters
  • Has Dynamic Impressions
  • Has Exits
  • Has Expansions
  • Has Full-Screen Impressions
  • Has Full-Screen Video Completions
  • Has Full-Screen Video Plays
  • Has Full-Screen Views
  • Has HTML5 Impressions
  • Has Interactive Impressions
  • Has Manual Closes
  • Has Timers
  • Has Video Companion Clicks
  • Has Video Completions
  • Has Video First Quartile Completions
  • Has Video Full-Screen
  • Has Video Interactions
  • Has Video Midpoints
  • Has Video Mutes
  • Has Video Pauses
  • Has Video Plays
  • Has Video Replays
  • Has Video Skips
  • Has Video Stops
  • Has Video Third Quartile Completions
  • Has Video True Views
  • Has Video Unmutes
  • Has Video Views
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