Reporting time zones and quotas

Running reports allows you to gain insights about your live campaigns and any future campaigns that you plan.

Reporting numbers for the previous month are certified by the third of each month, unless communicated otherwise.

Time zones for reports

Instant and offline reports can use the same time zone as the advertiser or the UTC time zone. Data in the Inventory Availability Report is given in the UTC/GMT time zone.

Quotas for reports

The following quotas are enforced for reports in Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360 (including APIs).

Quota type Stay under quota
Ad hoc report executions (per day)
Limits the number of ad-hoc reports a user can run in a 24-hour period
  • Reduce duplicate reports
  • Schedule reports that are run regularly 
  • Deactivate unnecessary API scripts
Active scheduled reports
Limits the number of reports a user can have actively scheduled at a given time (including from the API).
  • Reduce duplicate reports
  • Deactivate unnecessary scheduled reports 
  • Deactivate unnecessary API scripts

Simultaneous reports
Limits the number of reports a user can run simultaneously

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