Reach reports with Active View data

You can include Active View metrics in Reach reports to gain better insight into how many unique users (cookies) were exposed to your campaigns. By combining Active View with Reach data, you can see the number of impressions served as well as the number of customers who viewed them. This information can help you make better trafficking decisions to maximize your return on investment.

Active View works automatically with most creative types; no extra tagging is required.

How Reach and Active View numbers are calculated

Reach calculations use the full set of available impression data as a basis, without performing any sampling. However, to ensure that browser and user data is unique, Reporting applies a correction formula that so that reach estimations only evaluate “mature” cookies. Learn how reach is estimated

Since the same user can view multiple impressions, there’s no way to sum reach data.

Active View reach and frequency calculations only include impressions that were viewable to users

Add Active View data to Reach reports

To create a Reach report with Active View data, click the New Report button in Report Builder and select Reach, then Active View. The Active View: Viewable Impression Reach metric is included in the report by default. You can also select this metric from the Reach by Frequency drop-down to include reach data broken down by frequency (the number of times a user associated with a specific user ID interacted with an ad on a given placement).

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