Create a project

In Planning, a project is the top-level container for all of the work you do for a particular media plan (or set of related campaigns). A project has an area to enter your objectives, a budget, start and end dates, and a set of inventory you're interested in buying.

To create a project, follow these steps:

  1. Start by navigating to the main screen of Planning, then click NEW to start a new project.
  2. On the page that opens, enter the following:
    • A name for your project.
    • An advertiser. Choose a name from the list of Campaign Manager 360 advertisers (recommended), or click Enter a custom advertiser and enter a name in the text box.
      • Once you create a custom advertiser name, you can change that name, but you can’t change from a custom advertiser to a Campaign Manager 360 advertiser. You also can’t change from a Campaign Manager 360 advertiser to a custom advertiser.
      • Start and end dates.
      • Your budget.
      • (Optional) Gender and/or age of your target audience.
      • (Optional) An overview of your project. This overview is only viewable among your team and isn't shared with external inventory providers.
      • (Optional) Target results for the campaign.
  3. (Optional) Click Continue, then click Add… to link your project to one or more existing Campaign Manager 360 campaigns.
  4. Click Save to finish creating your new project.

Once you've created your project, you can proceed to add inventory to your project or issue an RFP to an inventory provider.

To view or edit the project settings you've created, go to the Properties page. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to open a change log that shows the date and details of every change made to the project's properties.

You can mark projects with stars, similar to how you use stars in Gmail to mark messages that are important to you. You can then filter your projects list to show only starred projects, as follows:

  1. In the Projects view, click the Search box.
  2. Click Star >> .
  3. To display only projects you’ve starred, click Starred.
  4. To return to displaying all projects, follow the steps above, but click All in step 3.

Stars are private to each user, so projects you star in your Projects view will not be starred in anyone else’s view. Unlike starred campaigns in Campaign Manager 360, projects you star in Planning do not currently appear at the top of the page.

Archive projects

The Archive button lets you hide projects from the list. These projects remain in Planning, and you can do anything with them that you do with any project - you just won’t see them on the page unless you choose to restore them, or show them in search results. You can hide projects from and restore them to the list as follows:

To hide one or more projects from the list

Check the boxes next to the project names and click Archive

To find archived projects

Click in the Search box, click Archived, and select Yes

To restore archived projects to the list

When you’ve exposed them via search, as shown above, check the boxes next to their names and click Restore

Remember, an archived project remains completely available to you - you simply won’t see it on the list on the Projects page.

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