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Click-to-call landing pages use a telephone number instead of a URL. You can set a telephone number as the landing page for creatives assigned to your ad. Do this in your ad properties. When users click on your ad, Campaign Manager 360 redirects them to the telephone number. This is useful when the user clicks your ad with a mobile device, or any other device that can place a call.

Campaign Manager 360 supports a click-to-call option for:

  • Standard ads

  • Click tracker ads (static and dynamic)

  • Tracking ads

Set a click-to-call landing page

  1. Open the ad you wish to change to a click-to-call ad. Or create a new ad.

  2. Under "Creative assignments," find the creative or creatives that should have telephone numbers as their landing page.

  3. For each creative, select Custom landing page in the landing page column.

  4. Enter your telephone number in the landing page URL field. The field is right beneath the Landing Page menu.

    Format: Be sure to use the proper format: Begin with tel: followed by the number. Use only digits. No hyphens, no parentheses.

    • For example, the proper format of (212) 555-8888 in the URL field is tel:2125558888.

    International numbers: use the plus symbol (+) followed by the country calling code and telephone number. A complete international number should begin with tel: followed by + followed by the country calling code and telephone number.

    • For example, the proper format of +1-300-555-8888 in the URL field is tel:+13005558888.

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