The Insights tab shows campaign performance visually, in the form of graphs, tables, and pie charts, to help you with future media planning. For example, Insights can quickly show which publishers performed above or below your set goal, or what time of day generates the highest click-through rate (without running a full report).

Insights use the same data as Report Builder. Display & Video 360 (placement level) and Rich Media data are available if your account is enabled.

Screenshot of Insights main graph

Customize Insights data

  • Click the Campaign: link to switch to a different one.
  • Click Edit goal to change your goal. You can Use average value for this campaign or Choose your own benchmark goal.
  • Click the Active View: show viewable impressions only checkbox, to only show viewable impressions (for some goals). Learn more about viewability
  • Click the date range dropdown to select a range of up to 60 days.

If you bookmark the Insights page, your changes will be restored the next time you open the bookmark.

Customize your view

  • Click the name of the goal Click rate icon to toggle the card to ascending order.
  • Search for specific items within a card that don’t appear as the top performers.
  • Click the link of an individual item to filter the page. For example, click a site to view placement and creative data only for that site.
    • Your Filter: will appear at the top of the page. Click the X to remove.
  • Click View More in the placement card to display a graph and table of all placements associated with this campaign for the date range.
    • Each point on the graph corresponds to a placement.
    • Hover over a point to highlight that placement within the table.
    • Use the sliders below the graph to limit the range of impressions displayed in the table.
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