Planned media cost

The sum of the cost of all pricing flights over the entire lifetime of a placement.

This dimension is calculated based on the pricing information you enter for each placement in Campaign Manager 360. The exact calculations depend on which cost structure you select when creating a placement:

  • For CPM/vCPM - Active View/CPC/CPA, total planned media cost = booked units x rate, summed over all pricing flights.
  • For flat rate (impressions or clicks), total planned media cost is the sum of the flat rate cost of all pricing flights.
This dimension represents your expected total media cost for each placement. Keep in mind that the planned cost is not necessarily the actual cost, because Campaign Manager 360 may deliver more or fewer than the booked number of impressions, clicks, or activities.

Additional considerations

If a placement is part of a group (a package or roadblock), then the cost of each placement within the group is derived from its parent. All placements within a group share the same value.

If you’re running a Reach report, you must include “Placement" as an additional dimension. You don’t need to include “Placement” in a Standard report, but doing so makes it easier to identify which placement is which.

If you include flighting dimensions in the report, the same value will appear for “Placement total planned media cost” for each row/flight within a placement.

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