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Bulk assignment requirements

Check these requirements when you select items to assign or unassign. You can also use these requirements to troubleshoot your selection.

These requirements ensure your assignments work and your creatives can render properly. Not every group of items can be assigned together.

1. Same kind of items

Select a group of creatives, a group of ads, or a group of placements. Don't select a mix.

2. Dimensions

Check the Dimensions column. Groups of creatives or groups of ads ads must fit the same dimensions. Placement dimensions do not have to match.

3. Compatibility

Your selected items must have at least one shared compatibility. Check the Compatiblity column. Your items should all have at least one compatibility in common. This ensures that every item can work in the same environment.

Item A Item B Compatible?
Display In-stream No.
In-stream Display interstitial No.
Display Display interstitial No.

Note that the these don't work because Item A and Item B don’t share at least one compatibility.

For example, check the last row. If these two items were creatives, why wouldn't they work together? Because Creative A can render on either a webpage or in an app, but Creative B can only render in an interstitial environment (a pop-up on either a webpage or in an app).

Compatibility by creative type
Creative type Compatibility
Display Display
Display image gallery Display
In-stream audio In-stream audio
In-stream video In-stream video
In-stream video redirect  In-stream video
Display redirect Display
Custom display Display
Custom display interstitial Display interstitial
Rich media display banner Display
Rich media display expanding Display
Rich media display interstitial Display interstitial
Rich media display banner with floating Display
Rich media display multi-floating interstitial Display interstitial
VPAID linear video In-stream video

4. Type

Certain combinations of items do not work for bulk assignments. Check the Type column.

Creatives: You cannot select a mix of tracking and non-tracking creatives. Deselect either all your tracking creatives or all your non-tracking creatives. Note that you can only assign creatives to default ads from within the default ad properties.

Ads: There are a few combinations that don't work.

  1. Your selection cannot include a mix of tracking ads and standard ads. These ad types use different kinds of creatives. Note that you can only assign creatives to default ads from within the default ad properties.

  2. If you want to assign/unassign creatives, your selection of ads cannot include any click tracker ads. Click tracker ads don't have creatives. Your selection also cannot include default ads. You can only edit creative assignments for default ads by opening the default ad properties.

  3. If you want to assign/unassign click trackers for placements, all the other ads you select have display compatibility.

Placements: There are no special considerations for placements.

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