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Compatibility overview

Compatibility tells you what rendering environment is right for your creatives.

When you make assignments, your creatives, ads, and placements must all share at least one compatibility. This ensures that your ad has creatives that work together, and that your placement is in an environment that's right for the creatives that your ads will deliver. Learn to make assignments

You can check compatibility in the Compatibility column in your campaign view, or in your creative, ad, or placement properties.

How it works

Here's a list of compatibilities in Campaign Manager 360:

  • Display: can appear on the page of a website.
  • Display interstitial: can appear full-screen within a mobile app or on a webpage.
  • In-stream audio: can appear in an audio player. 
  • In-stream video: can appear in a video player. 

For example, in-stream video creatives require a video player (an in-stream placement), so their only compatibility is in-stream. That means the creative, ad, and placement all must have in-stream video compatibility: the in-stream creative must serve with your ads to in-stream placements.

Compatibility by creative type
Creative type Compatibility
Display Display
In-stream audio In-stream audio
In-stream video In-stream video
In-stream video redirect  In-stream video
Display redirect Display
Custom display Display
Custom display interstitial Display interstitial
Rich media display banner Display
Rich media display expanding Display
Rich media display interstitial Display interstitial
VPAID linear video In-stream video
Compatibility in ads and placements


Compatibility of your placements is determined by the creatives that are assigned to render there.

For example, if a placement is in a video player, any ads you assign must have creatives that can render in a video player. So the placement has in-stream compatibility and requires creatives and ads with in-stream compatibility.

You can map any display creative to any display placement without worrying about app versus web environments.


Compatibility in your ads is determined by the creatives assigned to the ad or the placements the ad is assigned to. An ad delivers creatives to a placement, so all its creatives must work with the environment of its placement. Learn more about ads

Compatibility in your reports

Select "placement compatibility" as a dimension in Report Builder to view placement data broken down by compatibility.

You can also use the environment and platform dimensions to view exactly where impressions and clicks occurred. This is useful for display-compatible items that can serve across environments.

Key points

  1. Don’t worry, Campaign Manager 360 figures this all out for you!

    Campaign Manager 360 figures out whether your ads, creatives, and placements work together. If an assignment doesn’t work, Campaign Manager 360 won’t allow it. This makes it easy for you to find the right creative and choose ads and placements that work together.

    In your assignment workflow, Campaign Manager 360 will show an alert next to items that don't work together. Hover over the alert to see why.

  2. Assignments change compatibility requirements.

    As you assign items, you start to define what kinds of environments are possible.


    Say you start with an empty ad that has no creatives and no placements. It has no compatibility requirements at this point.

    Next, you assign your ad to an in-stream placement. From now on, Campaign Manager 360 will only let you assign in-stream creatives to the ad. Campaign Manager 360 knows only videos can render on the in-stream placement, so it won’t let you assign any other kind of creative.

  3. Creatives, ads, and placements have to fit together.

    Compatibility isn’t the only requirement. Dimensions also count. If items don’t have the matching dimensions, you can’t assign them to each other.

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