View paid search data from Search Ads 360

In Report Builder, you can add paid search dimensions and metrics to Standard reports to learn how your Search Ads 360 campaigns are performing. You can also filter on specific keywords by using operators to narrow the scope of your queries. Learn more about Search Ads 360

Paid search data is available in Report Builder as soon as it's available in Search Ads 360, with no additional wait time. You can include past data that reaches as far back as the creation of your advertiser in Search Ads 360.

All Search Ads 360 metrics in Report Builder have "Paid Search" in their name, for example "Paid Search Clicks." Metrics without "Paid Search," like "Clicks," refer to display ads reporting.

Enable paid search data

Paid search data is only available if you’re also a Search Ads 360 customer. You’ll also need to enable the following permissions:

  • Account level: View Search Ads 360 data (must contact support)
  • User role: View DoubleClick Search data
Run a report containing paid search data

To add Search Ads 360 data to your report:

  1. Select the Standard option from the drop-down when creating a new report in Report Builder.

  2. Select Paid Search from the Report template drop-down.

  3. If you’d like to filter the data by keyword, click Add filter and select a match type. Your report output will include data for each keyword that matches the filter you selected, as well as metadata that lists the keywords and match types used. The following match types are available for filtering on paid search dimensions:

    • Equals: results match the exact string that you entered.

    • Starts with: includes all results that begin with the specified string.

    • Contains: includes all results that contain any occurrence of the string.

    • Wildcard: matches the string you entered, with zero or more instances of any character in the position of the wildcard (*).

  4. Select the metrics and dimensions you’d like to add to the report. See below for a full list of available paid search fields.

    Not all dimensions and metrics are compatible with one another. To run a report that contains paid search dimensions and metrics, you must first remove the three display metrics that appear in Standard reports by default: impressions, clicks, and click rate.
  5. (Optional) View paid search data for individual activities by selecting the activities to add and the metrics to report on.

    Adding activity metrics pivots your report in such a way that it shows the same data, but the rows and columns are switched around. Each activity appears in a separate row, while each metric has its own column.

  6. (Optional) Schedule your report to run at a certain time.

  7. Click Run or Save.

Available filters, dimensions, and metrics for paid search reports


  • Ad
  • Ad Group
  • Advertiser
    (For this filter, Campaign Manager 360 advertiser ID appears the day Search Ads 360 starts reporting visits.)
  • Agency
  • Bid Strategy
  • Campaign
  • Engine Account
  • Keyword
  • Landing Page URL
  • Match Type

Regular paid search dimensions

  • Paid Search Ad
  • Paid Search Ad Group
  • Paid Search Ad Group ID
  • Paid Search Ad ID
  • Paid Search Advertiser
  • Paid Search Advertiser ID
  • Paid Search Agency
  • Paid Search Agency ID
  • Paid Search Bid Strategy
  • Paid Search Bid Strategy ID
  • Paid Search Campaign
  • Paid Search Campaign ID
  • Paid Search Engine Account
  • Paid Search Engine Account ID
  • Paid Search Keyword
  • Paid Search Keyword ID
  • Paid Search Landing Page URL
  • Paid Search Match Type
  • The Paid Search Keyword ID in Report Builder matches the keyword ID provided in Search Ads 360. This is a change from ReportCentral, where the third digit of the ID was changed to 0.
  • The Paid Search Landing Page URL may not match the advertiser-set landing page for Google Ads clicks going through parallel tracking.

Paid search conversion dimensions

  • Activity
  • Activity Group

Regular paid search metrics

  • Paid Search Average Position
  • Paid Search Click Rate
  • Paid Search Clicks
  • Paid Search Cost - this value is displayed in the account's currency
  • Paid Search Impressions
  • Paid Search Revenue
  • Paid Search Visits

Paid search conversion metrics

  • Floodlight: Paid Search Action Conversion Percentage
  • Floodlight: Paid Search Average Cost Per Action
  • Floodlight: Paid Search Average Cost Per Transaction
  • Floodlight: Paid Search Average DCM Transaction Amount
  • Floodlight: Paid Search Spend Per Transaction Revenue
  • Floodlight: Paid Search Transaction Conversion Percentage
  • Floodlight: Paid Search Transaction Revenue Per Spend
  • Paid Search Actions - represents the quantity of counter tags
  • Paid Search Transactions - represents the quantity of sales tags
Restrictions on metrics and dimensions

Not all dimensions and metrics are compatible with one another. The following chart is an overview of the different types of paid search and standard Reporting dimensions and metrics that you can add to the same report.

Dimension type Compatible dimensions Compatible metrics
Paid search dimensions Paid search, standard display Paid search, paid search conversion
Paid search conversion dimensions Paid search, standard display, conversion Paid search conversion
Standard display dimensions (advertiser, campaign, ad, site, placement, and so on) Standard display Display, conversion, paid search, paid search conversion
Conversion dimensions (activity, activity group) Standard display, conversion Display, conversion, paid search conversion

Take note of the following dimension/metric combinations:

  • Paid search dimensions are only compatible with paid search metrics. They can’t be combined with standard Reporting metrics.
  • Paid search conversion dimensions aren’t compatible with regular paid search metrics (such as impressions, clicks, or cost), but will work with paid search conversion metrics. If you want to include both conversion data and regular data for paid search in the same report, you can pivot the report.
  • Standard Reporting display dimensions are compatible with all paid search metrics, as well as Reporting display and conversion metrics.
  • Paid search dimensions aren't compatible with attribution models in reporting.

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