Report on keyword data

For each impression, Campaign Manager 360 logs the exact keyword or phrase that meets your keyword targeting criteria. This information is passed using the keyword (kw=) parameter in your ad tags. To check how often a particular keyword matched your targeting criteria, add it as a "Keyword" dimension to any Standard report in Report Builder.

Keywords can be appended to an ad tag to track information specific to a placement. Reporting on specific keywords can help you correlate ad activity with particular tags. There are many other potential uses for this data, such as tracking the performance of individual sites within a network or passing information about page content.

You don’t actually have to target ads to the keywords you’ve selected in order to report on them. However, you should ensure that you’ve correctly configured the keywords when creating your ad tags in order to get the most accurate reporting results. 

  • Reports containing keyword data will take longer to run.
  • Data is available for the last 31 days.


  • Keyword data is not available for clicks related to click trackers and tracking ads.
  • If your Standard report includes any keyword data, the following data types will not be available:

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