Floodlight Impressions

Floodlight Impressions
Floodlight Report

The number of Floodlight or ad impressions recorded for each Floodlight configuration. You can use Floodlight impression data to debug your tags and ensure that they are implemented and firing correctly.

Floodlight impression data is only available at the Floodlight configuration, activity group, and activity levels. Selecting this metric limits the other types of data that can be selected for a given report. For example, Floodlight impressions cannot be matched with ads or creatives, so ad-level and creative-level data will be unavailable.

In cases where the Floodlight configuration is shared, the report shows aggregated impression data under the the parent advertiser where the configuration was set, then lists all of the child advertisers that are using the parent advertiser's Floodlight configuration.

The Floodlight impressions metric is compatible with the following dimensions:

  • Date:
    • Date
    • Month
    • Week
  • Campaign Manager 360:
    • Activity
    • Activity Group
    • Activity Group ID
    • Activity ID
    • Floodlight Configuration
A Floodlight impression is not the same as a Floodlight conversion (user activity). A Floodlight impression is counted whenever a user visits a webpage with a Floodlight tag. A conversion is only counted if that user has previously interacted with an ad that belongs to the same advertiser as the Floodlight tag.

Keep in mind that the number of Floodlight impressions will be higher than the number of conversions, because it counts every visit to Floodlight-tagged web pages, not just visits from users who have seen or clicked on an ad within the specified lookback window.

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