Active View in Verification

You can use Verification to track the viewability of all ads, including video ads, served by Campaign Manager 360. Viewability helps determine how likely it is that an ad was actually seen by a user. Two important factors are:

  • What portion of an ad appears in a viewable space on screen
  • How long that portion of the ad remains visible

Active View data is available in Verification at the advertiser, campaign, placement, site (publisher), domain, or subdomain level. This is the same data that is available in Reporting. Learn more about Active View

To see your Active View data:

  1. Select Active View from the side bar of the Verification page. Available metrics include:

    • Impressions
    • Active View Eligible Impressions
    • Measurable Impressions
    • Viewable Impressions
  2. Click Apply.

  3. Select % or 000 to show data by percentage or total number of eligible, measurable, and viewable impressions.

Active View metrics

Learn more about Active View metrics in Reach reports
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