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Batch upload creative assets

Use the batch upload feature to upload multiple assets at once and organize them into new creatives. You can also choose to batch upload third-party URL assets.

See below for steps to:

Prepare your files for batch upload

  1. Make sure all your file extensions are lowercase. For example, asset.gif is good, but asset.Gif is bad.

  2. If you need to upload HTML5 creatives for display creatives, create one .zip file for each HTML5 creative. Each .zip file should contain the HTML5 assets you need for a single HTML5 creative (HTML file, image, CSS, etc.). See our HTML5 asset instructions for steps.

  3. Use folders or file names to group your assets.

    Organize by folders

    Create one folder for each creative you need. Add the assets for each creative into these folders. Campaign Manager will create a different creative for each folder you upload.

    If a folder contains assets for an HTML5 creative (HTML file, image, CSS, etc.), remember to compress the folder into a .zip.

    Organize by file name

    Give assets the same file name if they belong to the same creative. Campaign Manager will create a different creative for each set of assets that share the same file name.

    If you need to upload HTML5 creatives, add one .zip file for each HTML5 creative. You can group these .zip files with the rest of your assets. File name does not matter.

  4. Combine all your assets and folders into a single .zip file. This .zip file should contain any HTML5 .zip files you need, as well as any folders you use to organize your assets.

Batch upload files

  1. View your campaign (or the Creatives tab of your advertiser). Click New > Batch upload and select creative assets as the type of creative you want to upload. You can also choose to batch upload third-party asset URLs.

  2. Select the files to upload. You can select multiple files or a .zip file of all your assets. You cannot upload folders.

  3. If needed, you can move assets around, add or remove creatives, or change names. See below for help with your options.

  4. Click Next.

  5. If Campaign Manager prompts you to confirm and save, just click Save to finish your upload.

    If Campaign Manager asks you to choose creatives in default ads, select them and then finish your upload.

    About defaults in batch upload

    Campaign Manager asks you to select which default creative to use if your display placements are empty and you are about to upload image creatives. Campaign Manager automatically creates default ads for every empty display placement as soon as you upload creatives that can work in defaults.

    If you want to use different creatives later, just open your default ads and change the assigned creative in the ad properties.

    Why do I need default creatives and default ads?

    Campaign Manager requires a default ad with a default creative for every placement in your campaign. That way, there's always a default ad to stand in if your regular ad can't serve.

    When no other ads can serve, Campaign Manager sends a default ad that uses a standard image creative or a display creative with a primary image asset for ads on your placements — though ads on in-stream video placements get an in-stream video default ad with a video creative. The default ad has no targeting criteria, so any user should be able to receive the default ad.

    When should I upload default creatives for my default ads?

    The best way is to create your placements first and then upload all your default creatives together, before you upload any other creative assets. Read about default ads for steps to set up default creatives and default ads in a new campaign.

Choose batch upload settings

Once you upload your assets, you can edit their properties and organization in the upload workflow.


  • Edit creative names: Click the name of a creative to change it inline.

  • Upload more files: Click Upload more files if you need to choose more files.

  • Delete: Select assets or creatives you've decided not to upload and click Delete. (Your assets and creatives are not actually saved into Campaign Manager until you finish the batch upload workflow, so really you're removing them from the upload list, not deleting them from the product.)


  • Add or remove assets from a creative: Select one or more assets and click Edit assignments. For each creative, click the Assigned or Unassigned radio button to move your assets into that creative or out of that creative. Then click Done.

  • Add a creative for your assets: Click Add creative, enter a name in the name field, and choose the creative type. Then click Edit assignments to add assets to that creative.

Creatives with HTML5 assets

  • HTML5 asset dimensions: Set the dimensions of your HTML5 display creatives.

  • Backup image: Click the row labeled Backup image asset and select a backup image.

Display image gallery creatives​

  • Display image gallery: Choose Display image gallery in the "Type" column for one of your creatives. Add or remove image assets with the asset drop-down menu. Learn more

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