Reporting on ads served to mobile

Mobile dimensions in reports

Reporting provides dimensions that can help you to understand your mobile or cross-device campaigns:

You can find these dimensions in the following Report Builder reports, under "Computer System":

  • Standard
  • Floodlight
  • Path to Conversion
  • Reach

They are also available in the Attribution Modeling Tool. First create custom conversion segments on the "Attribution" tab, select the drop-down next to "Include,", and then select your dimensions.

Conversions in Floodlight and Path to Conversion reports are attributed to the mobile channel if the device on which the interactions took place has a mobile platform type (for example, mobile high-end).

You can select all of these dimensions together in the same report, but not all of them are compatible with certain existing dimensions.

  • You cannot select “browser” and “operating system” (or “operating system version”) as dimensions in the same report.
  • Hourly breakdown is not available for these dimensions.
  • Geographic data is only available if you've also selected either “mobile carrier” or “platform type.”
  • You must select "platform type" in order to be able to select "connection type" in Reach reports. Learn about other restrictions around Reach reports

Publisher requirements for App and App ID reporting dimensions

Publishers must pass an app ID into the dc_msid= parameter to enable App and App ID reporting dimensions. For example: for Google Play Store or dc_msid=535886823 for iOS App Store.

Mobile IDs in Data Transfer

Data Transfer reports include a User-ID field. This identifier is used for Google Marketing Platform and Data Transfer tracking purposes. It is not the user's mobile resettable device ID.

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