Share audiences

Sharing allows you to reuse existing audience lists that belong to other advertisers or accounts for the purpose of targeting.

Anyone with whom you share won’t be able to edit the list. You’ll be able to see which advertisers are currently targeting to that list, but not which ads they’re targeting if they’re outside your account.

If you’re viewing a list that someone else has shared with you, you’ll see a message at the top of its detail page explaining that you cannot edit the list.

Share within your own Campaign Manager 360 account

Share with your whole account

If you have permissions to manage audiences, you can share an audience with your entire Campaign Manager 360 account. In a new or existing audience:

  1. Expand the section Accounts allowed to target this list.
  2. Click Add accounts
  3. Select the accounts you want to share the audience with and click Done
  4. You’ll get a message letting you know that you’re sharing the audience to the whole account. To share the audience, click Enable list sharing and then Save

Share with another advertiser

You can share lists with other advertisers in your account. If another advertiser is targeting to a shared list, they won’t be able to edit the list, but they will be able to view performance data for it.

Share an audience with another advertiser from the Advertisers allowed to target this list section of the list page. Click Add advertisers, then select the account and advertisers with whom you want to share this list, then Save.

Revoke sharing rights

You may decide to revoke permission for an advertiser or account to target to one of your lists. Simply go into the list page, select the advertisers or accounts you want to remove, and click Revoke, then Save.

Unsharing a list causes any ads that are targeted toward that list to be deactivated. We recommend notifying the advertisers beforehand that you are going to revoke sharing so that they can edit their targeting expressions accordingly.
Share with Display & Video 360

If your Floodlight configuration is synced with Display & Video 360

All audiences created in your Campaign Manager 360 Floodlight configuration will automatically be available in the synced Display & Video 360 advertiser. 


  • The audience must belong to the synced advertiser to be able to share with Display & Video 360.
  • If you share an audience to the whole account from another Floodlight configuration, that audience will not be available in that synced Display & Video 360 advertiser.


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