Click and impression counting discrepancies

When an advertiser or publisher implements its own counting tool for clicks or impressions, you can expect to find minor discrepancies between what Campaign Manager 360 counts and what third parties count. Discrepancies of up to 20 percent are considered normal.

Common causes of discrepancies

Some of the most common causes of discrepancies are:

  • Reports that aren't accurate comparisons. For example, is the date range of the Campaign Manager 360 report and the third-party report the same?

  • Improperly implemented tags.

  • Improperly implemented cache-busting.

  • Duplicate tags running across different sections of a site or app.

  • Different filtering methodologies for invalid impressions or clicks.

  • Different measurement methodologies.

Useful information for enquiries

For discrepancies larger than 20 percent, if you choose to contact Google Marketing Platform support, make sure you do so while the campaign is still live. Discrepancies with limited data (less than 1000 impressions) cannot be investigated. Support will be able to help you faster if you have the following information ready:

  • A site report broken down by day and by ad.

  • Technical contact information for the app or site where you found the discrepancy: name, email address, and phone number.

  • A live URL or a live app where Google Marketing Platform support can view the ad tags. If that's not possible, provide a test URL or app that's implemented exactly as the live tags.

  • The original Campaign Manager 360 tags that were sent to the publisher.

  • The publisher-modified tags.

You can send this information in the discrepancy spreadsheet.

If errors are detected, we will inform you and the publisher, but it's possible that there will be no resolution, as discrepancies are some of the most difficult cases to resolve. We rely on the agency/advertiser to leverage its relationship with the publisher upfront to set mutually acceptable terms in the event of questionable discrepancies .

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