API overview

The Campaign Manager 360 API

The Campaign Manager 360 API is a language-neutral REST API that offers programmatic access to Reporting. This API enables you to build applications to efficiently manage combined trafficking and reporting workflows, and is particularly useful for automating recurring processes and for integrating Campaign Manager 360 with third-party systems. It also allows you to to upload and edit conversions. To create API applications, you'll need software developers who can understand and work with the API.

Learn more about the API and access client libraries. You can also visit the developer forum.


How can I get access to the APIs?

API access is enabled for an entire Campaign Manager 360 account. All requests for API access should originate from your account team. If API access hasn't been enabled for your Campaign Manager 360 account, contact support so we can review your request and grant access as needed.

Is there a charge for using the APIs?

Nope. API access is available to all Campaign Manager 360 customers at no additional cost.

Do the APIs give me access to any extra functionality and/or data?

Nope. The APIs provide a way to automate tasks that you can perform in the user interfaces of Google Marketing Platform products, but they don't offer any additional features.

My Google Account isn’t giving me access to the APIs. What should I do?

Having multiple Campaign Manager 360 logins tied to one Google Account doesn't carry over when accessing the API; each account requires its own login that is API-enabled. When signing in to the API, you will need to submit your Campaign Manager 360 user profile ID instead of your single-sign-on Google Account.

How can I get help with the APIs?

You can visit the developer forum to ask questions and get help from our API team.

The APIs is documented extensively at https://developers.google.com/doubleclick-advertisers/, and you can read about news and updates on the Google Ads Developer blog. All Campaign Manager 360 API posts are labelled with "dfa_api".

Alternatively, you can contact support or email dcmapi-support@google.com. When doing so, please provide the following information to expedite the troubleshooting process:

  • Description of the issue, specifically:

    • What are you trying to do?
    • Date and time when it happened (as specific as possible).
    • Full error messages.
  • What API version are you using?

  • What domain or environment are you using (sandbox or prod)?

  • What user profile are you using to access the API?

  • Which account/advertiser/campaign/site/page/ad is impacted?

  • Request/response logs or a code snippet that can be used to reproduce the issue.

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