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  1. In your campaign, click Create ad > Standard ad.

    • Standard ads show creatives to users. They serve to a placement on a webpage or in window over the page (such as a pop-up). They display the creative you assign to them. Use standard ads for any creative type you want to display to a user: display, custom display, in-stream, and rich media. You can also use standard ads for redirect creatives.

    • Click trackers are for tracking purposes only: they log clicks on ads or elements that are not served by Campaign Manager 360. Typically, these are clicks on elements on a webpage or email. Unlike standard ads, click trackers don't require a creative, because they don't display anything. Learn more
    • Tracking ads are used to record impressions and clicks on ads that are not served by Campaign Manager 360. Learn more

  2. Set the ad properties for your ad.

    These properties determine the particular type of standard ad, along with details like the size, schedule, and what kind of user to target. Learn more about standard ad properties

  3. Assign one or more creatives to your ad: Click Ad > Creative Assignments > Edit creative assignments and choose one or more creatives for your ad. At least one active creative must be assigned to your ad before you can activate the ad.

  4. Once your ad and creative are active, the ad is ready to serve. Next you can assign it to a placement, export the placement tags, and send the tags to your publisher.

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