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What are subaccounts?

A subaccount is a fully functional Campaign Manager 360 account that belongs to a parent account. Administrators can create and manage subaccounts within their parent account. Subaccounts are the same as normal accounts, but their items are separate: the campaigns, ads, creatives, etc., in one subaccount can't be viewed in another subaccount. Also, you can't modify subaccounts from the parent account. You need to enter the subaccount to make changes.

Why create subaccounts?

If you have a very large ad agency, you may want to organize a group of accounts that all fall under a single parent account. This allows you to keep different items separate. More importantly, it allows you to set different account permissions for different subaccounts. Keep in mind that in many cases, you don't need to create subaccounts. It's usually easer to use user profile filters and user roles to choose access for different users.

Where are my subaccounts?

To access the Subaccounts page, choose Admin > Subaccounts. From there, you can view all subaccounts or search for a particular subaccount. Once you've found the subaccount you're looking for, click on the ID or Subaccount name to edit that subaccount's properties. Click Reset to clear the search results.

Create subaccounts

In order to create a new subaccount, your user profile must have full admin rights to the parent account, including full access to user roles and user profiles. 

To create a new subaccount:

  1. From the account level of Campaign Manager 360, go to Admin > Subaccounts.

  2. On the Subaccounts page, click New.

  3. Enter a subaccount name.

  4. Change the available permissions as necessary.

  5. Click Save.

Subaccount properties

Name your subaccount and set permissions. The Permissions section is where you specify which permissions are available to user roles in the subaccount. Learn more about how permissions work and what each permission does.

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