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Manage account properties

Set account properties on the Properties tab of Admin > Account in Campaign Manager 360. Here are the sections:


Name: Set when your account is created, the account name is used to identify your account in reports and in Campaign Manager 360.

Abbreviation: You account abbreviation is used in billing applications.

Description: You can enter a short description of your account, viewable by anyone with access to the account Properties tab.


Country: The country with which your account is associated, based on your contract. This field doesn't affect anything in your account. It's just for informational purposes, and can't be edited.

Default display language: The default display language for new user profiles.

Currency: The currency used in Reporting and the Schedule and pricing section of placements The currency set in your account will be used for these settings for all advertisers associated with the account.

Default placement dimensions: Choose the dimensions that will be selected by default when new placements are created. If you don't set default dimensions, newly created placements will not have a value selected for their dimensions.

Use infinite looping of animated GIFs: If this checkbox is checked, animated GIFs will never stop looping. If you do not check this box, animated GIFs will loop three times, then show the opening image. Typically, this box is checked.

Maximum number of active ads: The maximum number of ads that can be active in your account at any time. Once the maximum is reached, no additional ads can be activated or delivered.

Active ads: The current number of active ads. If the number of active ads is approaching the maximum, you can change the status of ads to make them inactive.

Available ads: The number of active ads that can still be added before the maximum is reached.

Auto-enable new ads for optimized creative rotation: This setting is turned on by default. When it's turned on, new ads are set to the creative rotation option that most closely matches the campaign's creative optimization setting by default. If you turn it off, creative rotation will default to even for new ads. You can edit the creative rotation setting at the ad level at any time.

Auto-enable new campaigns for Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings: New ads will default to the creative rotation setting that matches your campaign's creative optimization setting, instead of even rotation.

Twitter: Toggle on to share and access conversion data with Twitter for users that saw or clicked on Twitter ads.

DV360 link bulk list management approval: Approve all Display & Video 360 partners linked to your Campaign Manager 360 account to manage Floodlight-based audiences.

BigQuery Exporter

BigQuery Exporter: Before you can export and deliver offline reports, you must link your BigQuery account here. 

Data Protection

Data sharing settings: Unchecking this box will disallow use of Customer Personal Data (as defined in Google Ads Data Processing Terms) to improve the Google Marketing Platform service.
Data protection contact: The person who is your business' representative for complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
Primary contact: Your business' primary representative for complying with GDPR.
EU representative: The person responsible for representing your business to the EU for the purposes of compliance with the GDPR.
Data protection officer: The person officially responsible for data protection at your business.

Ads Data Hub

Ads Data Hub Accounts: Improve advertising efficiency by gaining detailed event-level data and insights into your audiences within your Google ad campaigns. 

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