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Set up and apply creative fields

Creative fields are labels that you can apply to your creatives. This can help you keep your creatives organized.

How it works

Create creative fields at the advertiser level. When you create creative fields, any creative in your advertiser can belong to them.

First you add creative fields and then you set values for them. These values work as subcategories. You can choose different values for each creative. Each creative field must have at least one value. You apply a creative field to a creative by choosing its value.

For example, say your creatives all advertise a clothing store. You might apply the creative field name "clothing" to these creatives and then set values for "10% discounts" and "50% discounts." Now you know which creatives are for the clothing store, and you have values to help you keep track of the different kinds of content in these creatives.

Create and edit creative fields

View the Creative fields tab of an advertiser to create and edit your creative fields.

  • Create a new creative field: Click New.

  • Edit values in your creative fields: Click the row of your creative field under Values. Type a new value and hit the RETURN key to enter it. To remove a value, uncheck the box next to it. To change the name of a value, uncheck the box and then enter the value again. You can't change creative fields or values if they are already associated with a creative.

  • Delete creative fields: Check the box next to the field and click Delete.

You can also modify creative fields on the advertiser-level Creatives tab. Scroll to the right to add or remove values from the Creative fields columns.

Apply creative fields to creatives

Choose a value for each creative field you want to apply to your creative. When you choose a value for your creative, you automatically apply the creative field and value to it. A creative can't belong to your creative field unless it also belongs to a value.

  • On the advertiser-level Creatives tab, scroll to the right and choose values under each creative field column for your creative's row.

  • In your creative properties, choose values under Creative fields and save.

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