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There are several ways to add creatives to your campaign or advertiser. You can make new creatives, add creatives from your advertiser to your campaign, or copy existing creatives.

If you make copies, note that your copies will have the same properties, assets, and status as the original. But copies have no assigned ads or placements. Also, the name of each copy will be the same as the original, with "(copy)" at the end.

Ways to add creatives

Add new creatives

Create a new creative in your campaign or advertiser

Click New, choose a creative type, choose properties, and upload assets. You can do this on the Creatives tab of your advertiser or within a specific campaign. Learn more about how to set up creative properties or about different creative types.

Batch upload creative assets to your campaign

Click New > Batch upload and choose assets to upload. This opens a workflow that helps you organize your assets into creatives.

You can batch upload third-party URL assets and creative assets from a campaign in your account. From the Creatives tab in your advertiser, you can only batch upload creative assets.

Add creatives or creative projects from your advertiser to a campaign

You can add creatives or creative projects from an advertiser to any campaign under the advertiser.

  1. Open your campaign.
  2. Click New.
    • To add creatives, find the Creative section and select Add from advertiser.
    • To add creative projects, find the Creative project section and select Add from advertiser.
  3. Select the creatives or creative projects you want to add and click Add.
A creative project can only be assigned to an empty placement or a placement with a default ad. After you assign a creative project to a placement, you won't be able to assign other ads, creatives, or creative projects to the same placement.
Publish creatives from Google Web Designer

You can add creatives that you build in Google Web Designer. In Google Web Designer, publish the creative to Campaign Manager 360, and enter the advertiser and campaign details in the publish dialog.

Make copies of existing creatives

Copy creatives in your campaign

You can copy creatives in your campaign. These copies are added to your campaign. You cannot make copies and add them from one campaign to another campaign. To do that, add them from your advertiser. Any creative in your campaign can be found on the advertiser Creatives tab.

  1. Use the checkboxes to select one or more creatives in your campaign. You can scroll through your list to find items, or use the search bar and filters to narrow your list. Click "Selected" on the upper left to see only the items you have selected.

  2. Click the Copy button.

You can also open a creative in your campaign and click Copy from the creative properties. This opens a copy of your creative. Campaign Manager 360 will not create the copy until you save it.

Copy creatives in an advertiser

Open a creative and click the Copy button. This creates a copy of your creative and adds the copy to your current advertiser.

At the advertiser level, you can only copy one creative at a time.

If you want to copy creatives to another advertiser, select their checkboxes and click the copy to advertiser button.

Copy creatives from one advertiser to another advertiser

These steps are for copying creatives to other advertiser.

  1. Open an advertiser.

  2. Click the Creatives tab.

  3. Select the checkboxes of creatives you want to copy to other advertisers.

    You can only select creatives on one page at a time. To save time, use the search box to filter to all the creatives you need.

  4. Click Copy to advertiser.

    If you want to make a copy in your current advertiser, your steps are different: just open the creative properties and click the Copy button.

  5. Select an advertiser and click the Copy to advertiser button.

    You can only copy creatives to one advertiser at a time.

  6. Copies of the creative will appear in your selected advertiser.

    Your copies are completely separate from the original. Changes you make to a creative in one advertiser will not affect the copies in any other advertisers. Each advertiser gets its own version.

Are you adding creatives to a new campaign?

It's best to add your default creatives to your campaign first: add the image or display creatives you want to use for default ads on display placements. Campaign Manager 360 will automatically create default ads for your display placements when you add your first image-based creatives. Campaign Manager 360 will use whichever image creatives you add first, provided that they fit the dimensions of your placements. Then you can add the rest of your creatives.

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