Package/roadblock total booked units

The total number of units (impressions, clicks, etc.) that have been booked for all placements within the package or roadblock.

Booked units ignore flights, so you will see the total value across all flights. Placement total booked units will be “(not set)” if the placement is part of a group, and package/roadblock total booked units will be “(not set)” if a placement isn’t part of a group.

For example:

Flight start date Booked units
January 1 310
February 1 600
February 6 (placement end date)

The total booked units for this placement would be 910 (310 + 600), independent of the date range of the report or dates when the placement ran.

For a package or roadblock, the number of package/roadblock total booked units is 910 and placement total booked units is “(not set)”. For placements that aren’t part of a group, the number of placement total booked units is 910 and package/roadblock booked units is “(not set)”.

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