Placement total booked units

The total number of units (impressions, clicks, etc.) booked for a placement.

Booked units ignore flights, so you will see the total value across all flights. Placement total booked units will be “(not set)” if the placement is part of a group, and package/roadblock total booked units will be “(not set)” if a placement isn’t part of a group.

For example:

Flight start date Booked units
January 1 310
February 1 600
February 6 (placement end date)

The total booked units for this placement would be 910 (310 + 600), independent of the date range of the report or dates when the placement ran.

For a package or roadblock, the number of package/roadblock total booked units is 910 and placement total booked units is “(not set)”. For placements that aren’t part of a group, the number of placement total booked units is 910 and package/roadblock booked units is “(not set)”.

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