Offline Reporting

From Reporting & Attribution > Report Builder > Offline Reporting,  click on an existing report to update its setup, or click New offline report to create a new one.

Create and run a report

  1. Click New offline report.

  2. Name your report to identify it in a list of other saved reports.

Report properties

  1. Choose the date range to report on. 

Report setup

  1. Choose filters, dimensions, metrics.

    1. Filters limit the data in your report. For example, add the Advertiser filter, and your report will only contain data about the chosen advertiser.

    2. Dimensions include information that aren't numerical totals like clicks or impressions. For example, choose Ad type to report on how a given type of ad is performing. 

    3. Metrics are units of measurement like clicks, conversions or impressions. They are often expressed as numerical totals or percentages.

Schedule a recurring report 

  1. Check active to schedule this report to run on an ongoing basis.
  2. Select your time zone.
  3. Choose how frequently the report will be run. (For example, daily, or weekly.)
  4. Pick the schedule's start and expire dates . (Scheduled reports won't run once the end date has passed.)

Report sharing and delivery

  1. Choose a filename and format for the report (CSV, excel, or BigQuery).

    Enable BigQuery format (Campaign Manager 360 only)

    If the Campaign Manager 360 and BigQuery accounts are managed by separate teams, this process may be performed by multiple admins.

    1. Enable BigQuery exporter in the Campaign Manager 360 account
      1. Sign in to Campaign Manager 360 trafficking.
      2. Navigate to Account > BigQuery exporter > On > Save the changes to generate a Google service account.
      3. Provide the BigQuery admin the Google-generated service account.
    2. Grant the Campaign Manager 360 service account access to the BigQuery project and dataset
      1. Sign into BigQuery.
      2. Give the Google-generated service account the following access:
        • A member of the Google Cloud project with the BigQuery Job User role.
        • A member of the BigQuery dataset with the BigQuery Data Editor role.
      3. Provide the Campaign Manager 360 admin the BigQuery project ID and dataset ID details.
    3. Link the Campaign Manager 360 account to the BigQuery project and dataset
      1. Under the BigQuery exporter section of the Campaign Manager 360 account, complete the link by filling in the BigQuery project ID and dataset ID details.
      2. Provide a name for the dataset and save the changes.

    Once the Campaign Manager 360 account is linked to the BigQuery project and dataset, the dataset will be available to select under BigQuery export in offline reporting.


    • To minimize reprocessing of static data, scheduled reports of more than 14 days are disabled when BigQuery is selected as format type.
    • For BigQuery exports, there may be duplicate files for the same date. If that happens, you can use the newer file based on the timestamp in the file name. 
  2. (Optional) Click Share with > add people to share the report with other users. You can email a copy of the report as an attachment or share a link for users to download the file.

    1. Only reports shared as a link are visible under the Reports shared with me filter.

  3. Click Save And Run to generate your reporting file.

  4. Click Save for this report to be available for later use, and runnable at any time in the future. 


Scheduled reports

  • Scheduled reports that haven't been downloaded for more than 60 days or have failed to run for more than 30 days will be deactivated. These reports can be reactivated at any time.
  • Scheduled reports will no longer run if you lose reporting permissions or access to data for the advertiser or account.
  • The report owner must be active for scheduled reports to run. You can duplicate the report with a new user to start generating reports again.
  • CSV files in scheduled reports are zipped when over 200kB. Attachments in scheduled report emails are limited to 25MB. 
  • Some metrics and dimensions may be unavailable depending on your user role.

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