Path Length reports

Path Length reports show you how many conversions and how much revenue were generated by users who saw or clicked on your ads a given number of times. For example, if a user viewed or clicked on your ads three times before converting, that conversion is included among conversions with three interactions. (An impression followed by a click is counted as two separate interactions. Clicks on click trackers and Search Ads 360 are also counted as interactions.) Learn more about how conversions are counted

You can use Path Length reports to help you understand what kind of frequency is most valuable for driving conversions. If you see that there's a steep drop-off after the first or second interaction, you might want to use frequency caps to limit the number of times users see a given ad. On the other hand, if you're seeing significant numbers of conversions or revenue for longer path lengths, you might consider saturation marketing techniques like exclusive homepage buys, where users are likely to see your ads repeatedly.

Run a Path Length report

To revenue and conversion data by length of conversion path:

  1. Click Path Length in the left-hand navigation panel, then select a Floodlight configuration.

  2. Select an activity.

  3. Conversions and conversion revenue data appear in Path Length reports by default. To view click-through and view-through data, you’ll need to apply conversion segments to your report.

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