Time Lag reports

Time Lag reports show how much time (in days) elapsed between a user's first exposure (click or impression) and their subsequent conversion. You can use these reports to measure user response rates to your online ad campaigns, compare a campaign's early response rates with its later response rates, and help determine the best lookback window settings for Floodlight activities. Learn more about how conversions are counted

You can use Time Lag reports to see how quickly and effectively your ads are driving conversions or revenue. If your ads are an immediate call to action, such as a one-day sale or a signup for an event, you'll want to see relatively short time lags. If you're running a brand awareness campaign, longer time lags might be more appropriate. You can use this information to help you understand whether your campaigns are working the way you expect them to.

Enable Time Lag reports

Time Lag reports are available in Reporting at no additional cost. However, you’ll need to set the following permission to run a report:

  • View Time Lag to Conversion Query at the user role level.

Run a Time Lag report

Time Lag reports are available on the "Attribution" tab. To view data for the time lag between exposures and conversions:

  1. Click Time Lag in the left-hand navigation panel, then select a Floodlight configuration.

  2. Select an activity.

  3. Conversions and conversion revenue data appear in time lag to conversion reports by default. To view click-through and view-through data, you’ll need to apply conversion segments to your report.

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