Custom segments and channel groupings

About channels (and the Basic Channel Grouping)

In the Attribution Modeling Tool, channels are your sources of traffic. The following channel labels are defined as part of the Basic Channel Grouping and are the labels used by default in your reports.

Channel Description
Standard Display Display creative types.
Rich Media Studio, including In-Stream/VAST and HTML5.
Search Including interactions from Search Ads 360, and, for clients using Search Ads 360 Natural Search, unpaid search from any search engine.
Click Tracker Interactions recorded from a click tracker.

To learn more about the Basic Channel Grouping and how to define your own labels, see Create and use channel groupings.

In the Conversions, Top Conversion Paths, Assisted Conversions, First Interaction, or Attribution Modeling Tool reports, you can see your data organized according to Basic Channel Grouping (the set of labels shown in the table above) and other standard Reporting dimensions. Select one of the following viewing options (above the report’s table).

  • Basic Channel Grouping organizes channels according to the labels in the above table.

  • Selecting Channel Groupings allows you to define your own labels as part of a channel grouping.

  • Selecting Campaign, Site (DCM) or one of the options in the Other drop-down list organizes channels according to standard Reporting dimensions. The following dimensions are available:

    • Activity
    • Activity group
    • Ad
    • Advertiser
    • Advertiser group
    • Campaign
    • Creative
    • Site (DCM)
    • Placement

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