The Floodlight activities tab

Floodlight activities are created and managed on the Floodlight activities tab. To access the Floodlight activities tab:

  1. Navigate to an advertiser in Campaign Manager 360.

  2. Click the Floodlight > Activities tab.

Columns on the Floodlight activities tab

The Floodlight activities tab provides extensive information about each Floodlight activity, and you can make a variety of in-line modifications to each activity. Of course, before you can modify a Floodlight activity, you have to create it, and some fields can only be changed by updating the Floodlight activity.

Activity name

You can modify the name for the activity as it is used in Campaign Manager 360.


The "Status" column indicates whether the activity is currently active, has been archived and disabled, or has been disabled due to a policy violation.  You can change the status by going to the Floodlight activities tab and clicking the status dropdown.

  • Active: Indicates the Floodlight activity is active and is serving.
  • Archived: Indicates the Floodlight activity is hidden, but is still serving.
    If you make changes to an Archived Floodlight activity and you want to continue collecting data, change the status to Active. If you no longer want to collect data, change the status to Disabled & archived.

    Note that the Archived status is no longer supported. Once you change the status of an Archived Floodlight activity to something else, you will not be able to change it back.

  • Disabled & archived: Indicates you have chosen to stop the Floodlight activity from serving. Both the Floodlight activity and it's alerts will be hidden by default. Remember to remove the Floodlight tags from the advertiser's website.

    Note that dynamic tags will still fire.

    Selecting Disabled & archived prevents Floodlight from:

    • Counting conversions and including the data in reports that show aggregate conversions
    • Creating remarketing lists
  • Disabled - Policy violation: Indicates the Floodlight activity is violating Google policy and therefore is disabled. Contact your account manager for more information.


The alerts column lets you know if Campaign Manager 360 has detected one or more issues with a Floodlight tag implementation that could result in incorrect conversion reporting. Hover over the Warning alerts icon next to the name of each activity to see a summary of the alerts, and click View details to see a detailed description. Learn more about Floodlight implementation alerts.

Impressions yesterday

The number of times yesterday (midnight to midnight, Eastern Time) that users accessed a webpage that included this activity's Floodlight tag. If you see zero impressions in this column, something may be wrong with your implementation. Learn how to check if your tags are firing properly.

Average impressions last 7 days

The average number of impressions recorded each day over the last seven days. If you see zero impressions in this column, something may be wrong with your implementation. Learn how to check if your tags are firing properly.

Activity tag string

An identifier for your Floodlight activity, which appears as a parameter in your tags.

Group name

The name of the activity group that the activity belongs to. Activity groups are used to organize Floodlight activities and to specify whether the activity is a sales activity or a counter activity. In Report Builder and Multi-Channel Funnels reports, you can view data for each activity individually, aggregate data for all activities within a group, or aggregate data for several activity groups at a time.

Group tag string

An identifier for the Floodlight activity group associated with this activity, which appears as a parameter in your tags.


Specifies how conversions will be counted for this activity. There are two options.

  • Counter activities record non-monetary data. They count the number of times that users have visited a particular webpage after seeing or clicking on one of your ads.

  • Sales activities record monetary data. They enable you to keep track of how many items users have purchased, as well as the total value of those purchases.

Counting method

Specify how conversions will be counted for this Floodlight activity. The options available depend on whether you are creating a counter or a sales activity. Learn more about counting methods


The format for the Floodlight tag associated with the activity. The options are the global site tag, iframe tag, and image tag. Learn more about tag formats

Expected URL

The URL of the webpage where the tag is expected to be placed. This URL is used for informational purposes in Campaign Manager 360.

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