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Get rich media creatives from Studio

If you're working with a creative team that uses Studio to build advanced rich media creatives, you can set up an advertiser association so they can send rich media creatives to your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser.

Tip: You can upload rich media banner creatives (including creatives with in-banner video) directly to Campaign Manager 360. For more advanced creatives, you'll need to use Studio.

How it works

  1. Set up a connection with Studio called an "advertiser association." Steps below.

  2. Once you set up your association, the associated Studio advertiser can send you rich media creatives. These creatives will appear on the Creatives tab of your advertiser in Campaign Manager 360.

  3. Find the rich media creatives in your advertiser and add them to your campaign.

  4. Set up your rich media creatives:

Associate with a Studio advertiser

Make sure your Campaign Manager 360 account is enabled for rich media and VPAID before you get started. Talk to your support representative if you need to be enabled.

  1. Find the Studio user who has the rich media creatives you need. Ask the user to send you a request for an advertiser association.

    This first step always happens in Studio. The Studio user enters your email address and requests an advertiser association. Studio users can learn more about making associations in the Studio Help Center.

    You can associate your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser with multiple Studio advertisers. However, a Studio advertiser can only be associated with one Campaign Manager 360 advertiser at any given time.

  2. Once the Studio user requests an association, Studio sends you an email with a trafficking code. Keep this code handy for step 4.

  3. Select the Properties tab of your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser. Under Associations, click New association.

    If you don't see a Studio associations section, contact your support representative. Your account may not be enabled for rich media creatives.

  4. Enter your trafficking code and click Continue. Verify that the trafficking code matches the Studio advertiser you wish to associate with in Campaign Manager 360.

  5. Click Continue. Then click Done to close the New association pane. Finally, click Save on the Properties tab to finalize your association.

  6. Now Studio users in the associated advertiser can send you new creatives or updates to existing creatives:

    • New creatives: When your associated Studio advertiser sends you new creatives, they're automatically added to your advertiser’s Creatives tab in Campaign Manager 360.

    • Existing creatives: When a Studio user sends changes to a creative you already have, you'll see update alerts in Campaign Manager 360. Check your campaign or your advertiser-level Creatives tab for alerts. You have options to accept or refuse your updates. Learn how to resolve Studio updates

    Note that new creatives and updates are not submitted to Campaign Manager 360 until they pass a QA process and reach the status of Trafficked in Studio.

  7. Add new creatives you need to your campaign.

    Select New > Add from advertiser. Then select the creatives you wish to add to your campaign and click Add.

  8. Set up your rich media creatives:

Changes you make to your creatives in Campaign Manager 360 do not affect the creatives in Studio. Your creatives in Campaign Manager 360 are separate copies.

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