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Keeping ads safe for users is a top priority for Google. If you see an ad that you think contains illegal content, you can report it. Options for reporting ads vary depending on the publisher serving them.

  • To report ads served through Display & Video 360 or on Google services like YouTube or Google Search, click About this ad, then click Report ad. Or, click the alternative Ad badge and find the report option.
  • To report ads served through Google Ad Manager, click the AdChoices button, then click Report ad.
  • To report ads served on other sites, use that site's option to report the ad.

Publishers are required to report ads served through Google ad products to Google. Reports can be submitted through the appropriate form. You can also find the link to this form in ad tagging sheets.

You'll receive an email confirmation after you've submitted the form. Your report will be reviewed, and if appropriate, action will be taken on the ad.

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