Coming soon: Reporting updates in November 2023

Campaign Manager 360

Reports in the Attribution tab will be deprecated

Estimated February, 2024

In the last week of February 2024, the following multi-channel funnel reports will no longer be supported:

  • Assisted Conversions reports
  • First Interactions reports
  • Top Conversion Paths reports
  • Time Lag reports
  • Path Length reports

These reports can be found in the Attribution tab in Campaign Manager 360. You will still be able to use the Attribution Modeling tool to create and edit data-driven attribution models. Campaign Manager 360 will continue to offer conversion attribution capabilities after the changes, these changes only affect some advanced analytical capabilities.

Offline reporting to instant reporting migration 

Estimated first half of 2024

In the first half of 2024, some offline reports will be deprecated, completing the transition of offline report users to  instant reporting. With this deprecation, users will not be able to create Standard, Reach, Floodlight, and URA reports in offline reporting. Users will not see Standard, Reach, Floodlight, and URA reports in Offline Reporting's Saved reports section.

Instead these reports will show up in Instant reporting, where users can open and modify these report templates. There will be no impact to scheduled reports or reports accessed via the reporting API. Before, during, and after this migration, customers will be able to edit their API reports. 

'Audience Targeted' dimension will be deprecated

Estimated week of December 5, 2023

The field Audience Targeted will be deprecated. 

Display & Video 360

Some dimensions in Win/Loss reports will be deprecated

Estimated week of November 15, 2023

The following dimensions will be deprecated: 

  • Site ID (App/Url)
  • Country ID
  • Country
  • Region
  • Environment

Bidding Insights tool will be deprecated

Estimated week of November 15, 2023

The Bidding Insights tool in Display & Video 360 will be deprecated.

Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360

Cross-device conversion metrics will be deprecated

Estimated February, 2024

  • The following metrics will be deprecated:
  • Total Conversions + Cross-Environment
  • Total Revenue + Cross-Environment
  • Click-through Conversions + Cross-Environment
  • Click-through Revenue + Cross-Environment
  • View-through Conversions + Cross-Environment
  • View-through Revenue + Cross-Environment

CTV cross device conversion capabilities will be migrated to the Total Conversions metrics before this deprecation. Desktop<>mobile cross device conversion attribution capability will not be migrated.  

Full Path report & Path Attribution reports will be deprecated

Estimated February, 2024

Full Path and Path Attribution reports will be deprecated. 



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