Supporting the Attribution Reporting API for Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform intends to use Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox to support key advertising use cases such as interest-based advertising, remarketing, and conversion measurement. 

How it works

Google Marketing Platform will be using the Privacy Sandbox’s Attribution Reporting API as a privacy-preserving approach to conversion measurement. The Attribution Reporting API enables you to measure conversions without third-party cookies. 

Next steps

For Google Marketing Platform partners, consider the following actions to ensure measurement works correctly:

Include the attributionsrc attribute in click trackers 

Publishers, ad techs, and search engines should use the Attribution Reporting API’s attributionsrc attribute with click trackers. This will support the use of Floodlight conversion tags for measurement and bidding across the Google Marketing Platform. 

Add the attributionsrc attribute to impression & click events in VAST

For publishers and SSPs that are integrated with Google’s Interactive Media Ads SDK, support for the attribute will be automatically included over the coming months. For publishers and SSPs that are integrated with other SDKs, work with your SDK to add support for the attribute once it’s available. To support this API, Campaign Manager 360 is working with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to propose a VAST amendment that’s compatible with all spec versions.

Call ads and conversions from HTTPS

Ads and conversion tags should be rendered on or called from HTTPS pages or iframes. If these tags are called via a URL redirect, then the URL sending the redirect should also be using HTTPS.

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